While there has been some work addressing the broad issue of data privacy and libraries, we believe the most vulnerable and marginalized groups are not getting the information privacy and security resources they need. Without adequate technical skills, low-socioeconomic (SES) families may miss out on opportunities for assistance or become victims of fraud because they lack the skills to navigate technology safely. Previous literature suggests public libraries and librarians in the United States serve as information intermediaries to the community in need. In addition, children with higher digital literacy than their parents serve as “brokers” of information between community resources and the family. However, privacy and security are missing from most discussions of information access and information brokers. Through this project, we will work with families to develop resources and training to help them develop safer privacy and security habits and to work through this process as a family.

For more information see the Safe Data, Safe Families project website.

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Jessica Vitak (UMD)

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Notable Publications:

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